William Bendix and Lewis J Force come leaping into earshot with the splattering robo-boogie of ''Dallas'' in all its chaotic glory before switching stance with the dazzling synth glare of ''Centurion''. Lucky Koi is also on hand to take ''Dallas'' to task and does so to great, mutant breakbeat effect. On the flip Lewis J Force whips up a bouncy acidic storm with ''Folkestone Nightclub'', only for Parasols to come bowling in and dismember it in a most sonically gruesome of ways.
1 William Bendix - Dallas, 2 William Bendix - Centurion, 3 William Bendix - Dallas (Lucky Koi remix), 4 Lewis J. Force - Folkestone Nightclub, 5 Lewis J. Force - Folkestone Nightclub (Parasols remix)

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