SHDW002 arrives with a pumping kick and a gorgeous guitar loop. As the filter opens, the landscape widens – laidback percussion, then soothing strings, before a powerful hit of bass and vocals, and we’re off. Two Tail’s ‘Willie Has A Hunch’, grooves along blissfully, before a spoken word sample comes to twist the meaning and flip the mood. ‘You’ve Got Me’, is an appropriate title for a Harry Parsons track where a percussive groove, staccato horns, and those handclaps grip the listener and never relinquish control the result being a thoroughly enjoyable 6 minutes of communal dancefloor goodness. Tribal percussion ushers in Side B, as Alex Wooley begins to build ‘Walkin’ Away’ around a yearning and disheartened vocal sample. Despite the free-flowing instrumentation, the vocals maintain a subtle air of melancholy, which anchor this track in raw, remorseful emotion. Mr Lover Lover concludes proceedings with a confident swagger. ‘I Would (Like To Get To Know)’ flips Brandy’s ‘I Wanna Be Down’ into an enticing dancefloor shaker - the perfect closer.
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