Plangent Records is happy to host the limited vinyl edition of Pantha Du Prince his The Triad Remixes. Including remixes by Efdemin, Shinedoe, Alva Noto, Solomun, Recondite, Ambarchi and Sprenger, John Roberts.
1 Lions Love (John Roberts Remix), 2 Island In The Sky (Recondite Remix), 3 Dream Yourself Awake (Solomun Remix), 4 Island In The Sky (Efdemin Dub), 5 Dream Yourself Awake (Shinedoe Remix), 6 Frau Im Mond, Sterne Laufen (Alva Noto Remodel), 7 Dream Yourself Awake (Solomun Dreamversion), 8 Frau Im Mond, Sterne Laufen (Sprenger and Ambarchi Remix)