Compilation of Japanese funk, soul and disco for Ace Records offshoot BGP International. From mavericks like Haruomi Hosono of the Yellow Magic Orchestra, with his low-down proto-disco groove, to soul singer Minako Yoshida belting it out on the epic title track; jazz vocalist Yasuko Agawa (of LA Nights fame) sweetly covers Roberta Flack, while Memphis soul group Ebonee Webb, funk up a Japanese folk tune, and that's just for starters. This compilation shows that Japan not only voraciously consumed soul and its offshoot genres, but - unknown to the rest of the world - it carved out its own sound too. Comes with original sleeves and label artwork, and voluminous sleeve notes.
1 Lily - Bye Bye Session Band, 10 Miyako Chaki - Maboroshi No Hito, 11 Kay Ishiguro - Banana, 12 Masaaki Hirao - Funky Miyo-chan, 13 Ebonee Webb - Yashow Macashow, 14 Naoya Matsuoka & Minako Yoshida - Loving Mighty Fire, 2 Rie Nakahara - Sentimental Hotel, 3 Haruomi Hosono - Barato Yajuu, 4 Yasuko Agawa - Why Don't You Move In With Me, 5 Pink Lady - Jiken Ga Okitara Bell Ga Naru, 6 Yuko Asano - Summer Champion (Summer Dream), 7 Junko Ohashi - Dancing, 8 Masayoshi Takanaka - Rainbow Paradise, 9 Mari Natsuki - Uragiri