Opening up is Swedish veteran Rivet, recently known for his newly launched prototechnopunk label Kess Kill. His remix of 'Two Four Two' is an unusually respectful rework, which in his own words ''extends and makes the amazing original a bit more club friendly''. Following up is Bronze Teeth, perhaps most known for their very singular releases on Powell's Diagonal Records. They surprised us with handing in two remixes, both very different and superb. 'Your Body Is My Body' is turned into a slow slugging industrial mongrel, and 'Fingered' has become quite a trancey club banger. Finishing off the EP is Opal Tapes head honcho Basic House, tearing 'Fingered' apart limb by limb in a stretched and cavernous sustain.
1 Two Four Two (Rivet Remix), 2 Your Body Is My Body (Bronze Teeth Remix), 3 Fingered (Bronze Teeth Remix), 4 Fingered (Basic House Erosion)