At the start of August Sinéad O’Connor released a harrowing, tearful video alerting friends and fans that she was struggling profoundly with mental health issues.

Broadcast over Facebook from a Travelodge in the "arse end of New Jersey" where O’Connor was living, she bemoaned the fact there was nobody in her life ‘but my doctor, my psychiatrist’ and the fact she was struggling with suicidal thoughts and kidney stones.

Yesterday she followed up with a warts-and-all interview on American daytime star and former Oprah Winfrey alumnus Dr. Phil.

Saying she was "fed up of being defined as the crazy person" the singer spoke candidly about struggling with imposter syndrome during early successes with hits like ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ and her multitude of suicide attempts.

She also shared details of her challenging upbringing with an abusive family and loveless mother. Watch that clip below:

The now infamous Facebook video was described by her as a cry for help, initially aimed at her family, after a number of attempts at letter-writing came to naught: "I thought it would be better maybe if my family saw how I’m feeling… They would relate to it. I hoped in my kidney stone madness my family would see it and go, ‘Oh my God, we didn’t realise it’s that bad. We’ll go get her.'"

The singer also attributed some of her mental travails to a recent radical hysterectomy: "I lost my mind after that,’ she confessed. ‘I was told to leave the hospital two days after the surgery with Tylenol and no hormone replacements and no guidance as to what might happen to me. I was flung into surgical menopause. So hormones were everywhere and I became very suicidal. I was a basket case."

Check out clips from the interview below…