Suburban Las Vegas native Shamir has just announced his follow up to 2015’s critically-acclaimed Ratchet LP, and 2017 self-released second album Hope.

Called Revelations, the album will drop on 3 November. Billed as "music for misfits", fans can expect a more thoughtful suite than the sassy upbeat pop that made Ratchet (and in particular breakthrough single ‘On The Regular’) so beloved by fans and critics alike.

Following a period developing his sound in the wilderness and moving to Brooklyn, then Philadelphia after being dropped by XL, Shamir signed this summer to San Francisco’s Father/Daughter Records. His current influences are said to be more along the lines of country, punk and a more vulnerable stripped-down aesthetic than on previous tracks.

Teaser song '90s Kids' dropped this week, a rallying call to the much-maligned Millenial generation.

‘In debt before we slave / But mom just thinks we rave’ goes a typical couplet.

The lo-fi video is set on a mocked-up Windows 95 desktop, with a rapid-fire succession of familiar memes (bad luck Brian, success kid, Gatsby, ‘Aliens’ guy, Dat Boi; you get the picture) spelling out lyrics on a cascade of closing windows.

Track listing for ‘Revelations’:

1. Games
2. You Have A Song
3. 90’s Kids
4. Her Story
5. Blooming
6. Cloudy
7. Float
8. Astral Plane
9. Straight Boy

Check here for information on the charity that sales from this album will benefit from