Over at /r/electronicmusic we want to explore the various specific subgenres electronic music has to offer. To accomplish this we have started an activity in which people vote on a different subgenre of electronic music every week, after which everyone can make suggestions of songs that they think best exemplify that genre. Then, at the end of the week I make a playlist of highest voted songs.

For this week, the people over there voted Electro House the genre they most wanted to learn about / have as a playlist. This is where you fit in. If you are so inclined, I invite you all to come over before this Sunday to recommend some songs and upvote some of the other submissions that you like and that are truly electro house. I think most of the songs fit the genre so far, but if you see any that don't, it would be really helpful to let those of us that are less familiar with the genre know.

Additionally, an important caveat about this week is we are aiming to make a playlist geared toward songs that are solely electro house and not one of its subgenres. I know some complextro, big room, etc. songs are going to make it to the final list, but I'd like to avoid it as much as possible.

Tl;dr /r/electronicmusic is making an electro house playlist. We want your help submitting / voting on songs.

If you are interested you can find the link to the thread here. Hope to hear from you all soon!

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