The Duke Spirit are back with new material to follow on from their epic 2016 album KiN and EP Serenade. You can listen to ‘Magenta’ first on Gigwise below.

The track is the first to be unveiled from their new album Sky Is Mine, and carries on exploring the sonics that so brilliantly defined them last year. The ethereal and invigorating sound of singer Liela Moss with murky bass grooves, multi-effect laden guitars sparked by propulsive drum fills are brilliant.

The Duke Spirit are easily one of Britain’s best experimental, melodic rock outfits who draw on elements of shoegaze, dream pop and trip hop with phenomenal results.

When Kin came out last year it was so brilliant there was no way we expected anything to come out so soon, nevermind live up to what they had done. With ‘Magenta’ Duke Spirit continue to show that they’re a band that seemingly get better and better as the years go by rather than run out of ideas.

After Magenta we look forward to discovering the rest of the album and finding some life affirming messages that remind us to take life by the horns. Liela Moss explains the thought process behind some of the lyrical content that made the record:

“With feet cold and wet from standing in the sludgy shit of rhetoric, illegitimacy and fear that is the world we tread upon, the album snapshots a palpitating love that bursts with, and values, Life. Half-finished sentences, which describe shards of arrogance, egomania and cruelty are dissolved by being pissed on from a great height with a stream of golden, glowing benevolence.”

The new album is out 18 August and you can pre-order it from tomorrow. Keep an eye on their socials for details