Darwin - the brain child of the French avant-garde songwriter/producer Vincent de Azevedo - returns with his brand new single ‘Slap’. Check it out first on Gigwise below.

At under three minutes It’s a short track, and at times that’s a good thing, but such is the incredible feel of ‘Slap' we’ve been putting this on heavy rotation in the Gigwise office as we sink into the dark hip hop and future bass tones.

It’s a haunting, ethereal cut that never tires and we hear new things on every listen. It’s no wonder that Darwin is thought of as a key player in the electronic music scene and that his last single ‘It Hurts’ ranked up over 200k plays after being included in Kitsune’s Hot Streams playlist. We expect this one will exceed that further and push this talented guys career to the next level.

As well as being a godlike sculptor of sound, his brain is wired in a pretty intense way, too. The lyrics in ‘Slap’ that are camouflaged by a vocoder slightly, shine a light on untruths and deceptions portrayed in modern media making him an interesting person to want to meet and chat about ideology with. 

But whether we get anywhere who knows. We reached out to him for some insight into the track and Darwin’s utterly bizarre response is: "'Slap' is a whale jumping in an aquarium of gentle little fishes and just saying : why not?!

Well, cryptic answers are sometimes the best. Enjoy listening.

from: http://www.gigwise.com/news