Banoffee Pies Records launches its first white label to date, and it's a three-pronged collaboration by new and exciting faces in the scene. First up is Philou Louzolo and his excellent ''Afrofuturism Dance'', a solid house jerker with lively tribal influences, folloed siftly by Wendel Sield and his moodier, jazzier piece entitled ''History Of Black People''. On the flip, Huntleys & Palmers MMT proceeds to drop some Gipsy King house in the form of ''Ton A Ton'', backed by the more funky disco shades of ''Pangae Flute''. Nice and diverse for ya!
1 Philou Louzolo - Afrofuturism Dance, 2 Wendel Sield - History Of Black People, 3 MMT - Ton A Ton, 4 MMT - Pangae Flute