Having shared their new single, ‘Holy Mountain’, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds have now uploaded the video for said song. Taken from the older Gallagher brother’s upcoming album, Who Built The Moon, the video can be watched in full below.

So what’s on offer from a video point of view from Noel? Well, it’s a dip into visual psychedelia from the man once memorably described by Luke Haines as “Britain’s least psychedelic man.” Noel and his band are in studio playing away, there’s a hippy geezer with a bowl haircut in the background blowing into a flute and succession of 60s pop art imagery cutting in and out of the action. And it still sounds like a glam rock version of Ricky Martin’s ‘She Bangs’ with Belgian punk Plastic Bertrand on vocals.

Speaking of the new track, Noel enthused: "It was one of the first things [producer] David [Holmes] and I did on the first week of working together. I knew instantly that it was going to be the first single. There's so much joy in it. Until the day I die, it will be one of my favourite pieces of music that I've ever written. It sounds great live. My kids love it, my friends' kids all love it and I am sure 'the kids' will love it."

So what do “The Kids” think about it? Writing on YouTube, Belen Castellanos opined: “Ricky Martin would be proud.”

Arjun Kaira said: “Liam’s writing like Noel and Noel’s writing like Beady Eye :\ Who mixed up their drugs?”

Others were more optimistic. StrettyHS 313 wrote: “Strong old man rock vibes. It's an ok poppy tune, but hopefully the album will offer something a lot more.”

Davide DiVi is emphatic in his love of the song: “Can't understand those pigs who put shit on this song...FUCKIN' AMAZING”


Who Built The Moon is out on November 24.

from: http://www.gigwise.com/news