Wonderful, joyous new recordings of Afro-Colombian roots music, from the Pacific coast of the country. Currulao, cumbia, bunde, juga, requentilla, chalupa. Warm, rolling marimba de chonta; thumping cununo and bombo drums, and rhythmic, digressive alegre; crisp, ringing, move-your-body guasas and maracas; all-out singing, gorgeous and exuberant, full of life. It's hard to track down music in this style, and this is a downright tremendous example: a musical elixir. In handsome, silk-screened sleeves, too.
1 Regresa Pues, 2 La Plegaria, 3 El Nazareno, 4 La Juga Del Nazareno, 5 Tierra, 6 Los Negritos, 7 El Manguito, 8 La Sirenita

from: http://clone.nl/new