A lot can change in a year, just ask The Amazons. In October 2016, almost a year before tonight’s monumental occasion, the Reading quartet headlined Oslo in Hackney, a 300 capacity haunt tucked away in the corner as you filter out from Hackney Central overground station. Tonight they take on the Forum in Kentish Town. Everything has grown – the size of the fanbase and the size of the venues on their tour, but most notably a meteoric stage set up has appeared, finally matching the magnitude of their blazing riffs.

There’s a surging atmosphere inside The Forum as the band storm straight into opener ‘Ultraviolet’, setting a tectonic pace that doesn’t let up until vocalist and guitarist Matt Thomson’s piano ballad solo of ‘Palace’ at the beginning of their encore. All of the hits are there; ‘Stay With Me’ evokes one of the most boisterous reactions of the evening, ‘Little Something’ is somewhat sultry but most definitely scorching and ‘In My Mind’ bounces off the walls threatening to induce mass hysteria amongst groups of friends united by their appreciation of the music. There’s even a mash up of their own songs as ‘Black Magic’ bleeds so seamlessly into ‘Millions (The Party)’ and then back into the former.

As ‘Something In The Water’ rockets around the room, the North London venue pauses before the encore. Groups of lads belt out the hook to ‘Junk Food Forever’, chanting like they’re at a football match, and it’s a chorus that continues long after the four-piece close the set with that very song.

The Amazons are a band that have always perfected the knack of making a dingy venue feel like a stadium with their music, but now at their biggest London headline show to date, it seems those colossal capacity rooms are edging ever closer.

The Amazons played:

'Burn My Eyes'
'Stay With Me'
'Holy Roller'
'Black Magic'
'Millions (The Party)'
'Little Something'
'In My Mind'
'Something In The Water'
'Junk Food Forever'

from: http://www.gigwise.com/news