As he continues to outsell the rest of the Top 20 albums combined with his debut solo album, As You Were, Liam Gallagher has paused for breath to stick the boot into The Libertines’ Pete Doherty.

So what’s riled Our Kid this time? It seems he’s narked at where Doherty sees himself in the wider cultural firmament. Or something.

“He’s not a rock star though is he?” Gallagher fumed to Music Week. “I don’t know what he is, but he shied away from all that. There’s a lot of people that think ‘rock star’ is a dirty word these days. ‘Ooh, I’m not rock n’ roll, I’m a poet’. Fuck off mate, when you joined a band when you were 17/18, you wanted to be like Keith Moon or Keith Richards.

“People like that piss me off. I’ve heard our kid turn around and go, ‘oh I’m not a rock star’. Yeah, you can fucking say that again mate. I’m proud to be one and I do exactly what it says on the fucking tin.”

Liam had much warmer words when talking about game show host and all-round entertainer Bradley Walsh.

Wait! What? Bradley Walsh? Him off of the telly?

“I’m having him! He’s cool man,” enthused Gallagher of the man who sold more albums than anyone else in the UK last year. “I like him. I haven’t got a problem with that because he’s not a real musician, he’s just having a little singsong. I’ve not heard it and that but I like him, I think he’s all right. He doesn’t take himself seriously, like myself.”

Seems that Liam had better watch out. He might well sitting pretty in pole position with As You Were but Bradley Walsh has announced the release of his second album, When You’re Smiling. Scheduled for release in November, it’s fair to say that Walsh is set to become as much of a Christmas fixture as turkey, sprouts and family row. You have been warned.