Perhaps it's the press pic, perhaps it's the name, but mostly it's the sound: We've a real soft spot for this brand new band from Leeds thanks to this latest track, 'Merge'.

The cut starts off relatively shoegazey, with effect-laden guitars making us inclined to stare at our laces for a bit. Vocally, it's got that outsider drawl you'd come to expect for a group who've supported Parquet Courts, The Wytches et al.

But what's great about it is hearing the tempo itch up gradually as the sparse drumming that uses mostly floor tom keeps you hooked thorughout this sonic ascent. By the second chorus, things are truly picking up, and the outro is a blistering paced wig-out for the ages, and implies what a feral sweat splattered mosh pit they must lead in small venues all around the UK.

Of the tune, Treeboy & Arc say: "The song is mostly about the decline of health from drinking too much and generally burning the candle at both ends. We wrote it while we should of been studying for exams. At the end we ran out of ideas so just sped up and hoped for the best!”

'Merge', as mentioned in the headline, is first single from their debut EP titled Not Yet, which features three other tracks and was recorded at Suburban Home Studios. If you're digging it, you'll be pleased to hear it will be released on 1 December, and is available pre-order now on limited edition 12” vinyl here, or digitally here.

The band formed at Leeds College of Music through boredom and the lack of anything else to do. Initially playing covers at house parties they eventually started writing their own material.

Treeboy & Arc are: George Townend (guitar), Ben Morgan (guitar/vocals/keys), James Kay (bass/vocals) and Isaac Turner (drums).