Gnork and Luv*Jam have worked closely together for many years now. The Blorp93 yellow vinyl surfaced in 2013 and was championed by the likes of RVDS, Bradley Zero, DVS1 and Wolf Music !! Since this time, there have been a few secret cuts nipping about here n there! Some of which many folk were ‘demanding’ they were pressed! Those very secret Blorpers are here on one precise 12â€, with ‘Sexxx in Space’ the biggie from Gnork’s Lost In Budapest Mixtape! Luv*Jam adds a few sexxxy dream nips for those DJ’s who like to add another dimension… By the power of a moonbeam!
1 Gnork - Sexxxx In Space (Gnork Exxxxtra Dream mix), 2 Schmitt Trigger - Bethesda Bison (Gnork Secret Space mix), 3 Gnork - Planet EE 1 4 Love (Gnork Secret unreleased mix), 4 Gnork - Wat (Gnork Secret unreleased RAW 4 mix), 5 Gnork - EE (Luv Jam Dream Nip), 6 Gnork - XX (Luv Jam Dream Nip)