Ideologic Organ 027 (Euro LP) - € 17.00
‘"Vieux Silence”, and ELODIE in general provoke a visual imagination in an instant, perhaps fil- tered through aged watercolour, tape grain, antique lenses, forgotten levels of listening and ob- servational patience. On this gorgeous album Chalk & van Luijk also collaborate with piano, ped- al steel and clarinet (played by ; Tom James Scott, Daniel Morris and Jean-Noel Rebilly, respec- tively).

Each detail carefully considered and colouring step by step, like an impressionist watercolour.’

  1. La Vallée du Sommeil
  2. Corridor
  3. Vieux Silence
  4. La Nuit Voilée
  5. Au Point du Jour
  6. Le Temps d'Antan
  7. Entre Deux Mondes
  8. La Saison Blanche