Their second LP, from 1971, with guitarist Joseph Dejean from the Full Moon Ensemble propelling the music forwards, as pianist Dominique Elbaz stands down. The sound swells and contracts dramatically across the eleven tracks and interludes, with fresh senses of break-down and silence, and new intimacy. There is some Steve Lacy to its fierce repetition of key phrases; some Sharrock to Dejean; sparing experimentation with effects; portions of central African polyphony (Boa Constrictor), summer-breeze funk (Desert Angel), and plenty of characteristically rootsy prog and cosmic skronk.
01 Teotihuacan (Ou Encore Le Tambourinaire Des Limbes):Nadine O Sort:Colchique Dans Les Pres, 02 ... !, 03 Deser Angel, 04 Deser Angel, 05 Le Tic-Tac Des Sapopitheques, 06 Danse Finlandaise, 07 ... ?, 08 Le Passeur, 09 Le Boa Constrictor:Le Heron Chagrine:L'Ours Qui Frappe Du Pied:Ligeia's Alabaster Azalea, 10 Fouchtra, 11 Anti-Blues Coarazien