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Peter Roche

Interview: Nekrogoblikon to go bonkers on new album, tour

There’s never been a shortage of colorful personalities and kooky characters in hard rock and heavy metal. David Bowie was Ziggy Stardust, and Vincent Furnier transformed into Alice Cooper. The guys in KISS donned kabuki makeup to become the Spaceman, Starchild, Demon and Cat Man. Today, bands like…

5 reasons to flock to a Fozzy concert this year

Pete Roche
Fozzy isn’t Chris Jericho’s vanity project.
Sure, the Atlanta band’s moniker may be a playful pun on Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne. And yes, the group launched its career playing lots of covers, back when Jericho performed under the alias Mongoose McQueen.
But given that most bands do start…

Interview: ‘Unbreakable’ Ali McManus overcomes the odds

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Singer-songwriter Ali McManus has spent her entire life beating the odds.
The Detroit native was born premature, diagnosed with a rare bone disorder as a child, and has spent the last twelve years confined to a wheelchair.
But McManus wouldn’t let her physical limitations keep her from fulfilling…

Interview: Eryn gets hot on ‘Hallelujah, You’re Gone’

Torch singer Eryn has shared studios and stages with such legends as Robert Cray, Buddy Guy, Don McLean, Gin Blossoms, and Greg Allman. Her captivating live performances and commitment to old-school R&B sounds helped secure her place…

Interview: Rick Astley talks US tour, prog-rock and rick-rolls

You know him best for the ‘80s hits “Together Forever” and “Never Gonna Give You Up.” And you’ve probably been duped into watching him dance in his music videos through the online prank now known as rick-rolling.
But did you know that British heartthrob Rick Astley kept singing (and strutting) into…

5 reasons to see Judas Priest on their ‘Firepower’ tour

Pete Roche
1. They bang out several new songs from the just-released Firepower.
Judas Priest’s eighteenth studio album dropped just last week, so they’ve updated their 2018 set list to accommodate four or five incendiary new tracks. In fact, they kicked off their concert last night (March 15) in Youngstown…

5 reasons to catch Eric Johnson on his Ah Via Musicom 2018 tour

1. Eric Johnson’s playing his electric guitars again.
Last time Texan guitar guru Eric Johnson came to town (October 2016 at Music Box in Cleveland) was for a stripped-down acoustic gig wherein his demonstrated his unplugged prowess on a…