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Peter Roche

Ozzy Osbourne ‘Angelic’ on Black Sabbath bonus tracks

Black Sabbath’s impact on today’s music is as profound and deep as it is pervasively dark. Virtually every hard rock and metal act to follow in the Brits’ heavy footsteps (from Metallica and AC/DC to Rage Against the Machine and Slayer) has cited the seminal quartet as a key influence.
Sabbath not…

Interview: Guitarist Ricky Byrd talks recovery, rock ‘n’ roll

Ricky Byrd loves rock and roll…but he’s also fond of recovery.
Now the NYC guitarist responsible for catapulting Joan Jett’s 1981 hit to the top of the charts has combined his passions and pastimes into an album whose lyrics address the addiction / recovery process.  Byrd’s released solo records…

Styx soars with new songs (and Tom Petty tribute) in Northfield

Styx made some long-lasting friends in Ohio ten years ago, when the multi-platinum band teamed up with Cleveland’s Contemporary Youth Orchestra at Blossom Music Center for a symphonic-rock spectacle.  The official DVD of that historic 2006 event, One With Everything, was lauded by fans—and the high…

Olivia Newton-John still a bombshell in Buckeye state

Elementary kids in the early ‘80s sometimes referred to Olivia Newton-John as “Olivia Neutron Bomb.”
Not very mature, but the intentions were more good than bad:  The English-Australian superstar singer wasn’t given the nickname because she looked cold.
No, Olivia—who portrayed timid transfer…

Interview: Drummer Jerry Marotta’s Security Project to cover classic Peter Gabriel

Jerry Marotta has drummed for some of the biggest names in rock in the ‘70s and ‘80s, including Cher, Stevie Nicks, Carly Simon, and Marshall Crenshaw.  That was his kinetic kit driving the memorable Orleans chart hit “Still the One” and laying the grooves beneath Hall & Oates’ Voices smashes…

Interview: Ensemble, et al. display percussive panache on new album

It isn’t often that the composition of a “rock band” deviates from that of singer, guitarist (or two), drummer, and bassist.  Sometimes a group will have a keyboardist or turntablist.  Maybe even a flutist or fiddler.
But ensemble, et al. all about percussion.  Formed in Brooklyn, New York in 201…

Fleetwood Mac’s Buckingham, McVie make dynamic duet in Cleveland

Friday’s team-up by Lindsey Buckingham / Christine McVie at the Hard Rock in Northfield was more or less a Fleetwood Mac affair—minus a couple key members—much in the same way the duo’s recent self-titled debut is a Mac record sans Stevie Nicks.
Heck, even Mac namesakes Mick Fleetwood (drums) and…