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Peter Roche

Interview: Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow discusses new Anvil album

Rudy DeDoncker
It’s hard enough to make it in the music business, and even harder when you refuse to buckle to trends or compromise your artistic vision in to placate penny-pinching record execs or appease fickle audiences.  And fewer rock documentaries have captured the frustration—and triumph—of working…

Interview: Galactic Empire talks ‘Stars Wars’ metal mayhem

A long time ago…in multiplexes not so far away, George Lucas re-imagined the classic tale of heroes and villains, of princesses and Palpatines, of good versus evil…in outer space. 
But the Star Wars saga wouldn’t have been as joyful a sensory overload without John Williams’ majestic score. The…

Interview: Berlin’s Terri Nunn talks cool concerts, new album

You remember them for synth-pop hits like “The Metro,” “No More Words” and “Masquerade,” and for the chart-topping Top Gun movie ballad “Take My Breath Away.”
But Berlin outlasted the ‘80s, cruising at high altitude on the bodacious blend of gutsy guitars, vivacious vocal melodies and pulsating…

Gord Downie remembered in moving Tragically Hip rockumentary

Music has lost a lot of legendary figures over the past two or three years.  Many of those greats (including Prince and Tom Petty) were taken without warning, their deaths shocking fans around the world even when the end was looming (as in David Bowie’s case). 
Who knows what plans these artists had…

Keith Harkin shines as soloist on live set ‘In the Round’

Keith Harkin performed with Irish super-group Celtic Thunder for over a decade, but the Derry native has always been a soloist at heart.
The singer / songwriter took leave of his former group in April 2016 to focus on his individual jour…

Hypercaffeinated Descendents go full circle at House of Blues Cleveland

Forgotten about The Descendents’ impact on pop-punk?
No worries.  It’s a forgivable, easily-rectified faux pas:  Even Red Hot Chili Peppers front man Anthony Kiedis goofed on the California quartet’s cult status, feigning ignorance on the 2006 Stadium Arcadium standout “Storm in a Teacup:” 

Ozzy Osbourne ‘Angelic’ on Black Sabbath bonus tracks

Black Sabbath’s impact on today’s music is as profound and deep as it is pervasively dark. Virtually every hard rock and metal act to follow in the Brits’ heavy footsteps (from Metallica and AC/DC to Rage Against the Machine and Slayer) has cited the seminal quartet as a key influence.
Sabbath not…