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Vesa-Matti / Kollektiv Jurmo – Connection EP

Meltdown Deejays from Finland present a split-ep by Vesa-Matti and Kollektiv Jurmo showcasing two melodic Techno tracks on the A-side by Vesa-Matti and another two dark and monotonic tracks by Kollektiv Jurmo on the flip-side! 1 Vesa-Matti Kivioja – I …

Shavonne – So Tell Me Tell Me

Emotional Rescue completes the Dancefloor Records trilogy with a detour from House to the oft forgotten movement, Freestyle. Shavonne’s So, Tell Me, Tell Me is a unique combination of all time-classic, but underground jam too.

Emanating out of Hamilton, Ontario the one off project came about when Rose Iovio was introduced to Massimo Rosati. Her voice and tone instantly made the team pitch at their love of the burgeoning Freestyle scene and the raw track was soon formed.

Things came together when they fell in to the orbit of Dancefloor’s Jeffrey Osbourne. His expanding labels were looking at the new scene via the M-Pire label and under his guidance the record developed and was released in 1989.

With 3 versions included here, the breathless vocals of the original Vocal Mix encapsulate Freestyle in essence. Pitched Lovers vocals atop arpeggios, electro-house bass and skipping hats meets breaks-influenced percussion and its all there. Do you smirk or dance?

For the deeper heads simply flip it for the Trance Mix. Accentuating the bass, added Enigma-style vocal samples and a yearning key line and you have a late night heads down DJ tool.

1 So Tell Me Tell Me (Vocal mix), 2 So Tell Me Tell Me (Trance mix), 3 So Tell Me Tell Me (Clubhouse mix)

Vesa-Matti – Miller Street Sessions EP

Vesa-Matti builds frequency converters during the day and at night he is living life as a DJ, producer and sound enthusiast. Both the man and his music originate from the sunny city of Vaasa on the west coast of Finland. Recorded in his previous studio…

Norwell – ODD EP

The 5th release of Dalmata Daniel is the first Budapest-based banger EP, which presents three original tracks from Norwell and one remix by Imre Kiss.

Norwell was engrossed in kosmiche musik and house, while he found his own sound and made some albums on Reckno, Seagrave or Cleaning Tapes. After all he hasn’t stopped yet, rather, he has started to discover the dark side of club music and converted his own sound into electro. The result of this new beginning was the 12-inch ‘Death of a Star’ on Pinkman in 2016.

Now ‘ODD EP’ is the next level: much deeper into the darkness.

‘Arabian Nights’, as the title suggests, is an electro-orientalist-exoticism, like an ancient dangerous night in the desert. However, from the second track, we are in the future: in cold dark space. ‘Outer Delta Dynamics’ is the launch rocket, followed by ‘Celestial Bodies’, which is a cruel and desperate fight in time and space.

Imre Kiss has started with dreamy lo-fi sounds on Farbwechsel, then he improved his music in house and techno on the next two EPs on Lobster Theremin.

But the banger remix ‘Crisis ’91’ is a pretty new thing in his music. This cool jungle rework perfectly matches the whole atmosphere of ‘DD005’, even if the style is somehow different.

The last curiosity of this EP is that all of the tracks were born in Szemlohegy, which was actually a coincidence (or maybe fate?). Anyway, this place above the city might have had a common influence on the tracks: they have exactly the same vibe.

1 Arabian Nights, 2 Outer Delta Dynamics, 3 Celestial Bodies, 4 Celestial Bodies (Imre Kiss ”Crisis ’91” Mix)

Francisco & Cosmo – Linea Beat Vol. 4

The fourth volume of the strictly for retro club use series Lineabeat sees two of our most prolific producers deliverer the goods on a double a-side release. A pair of slick electro-disco chuggers that blend the familiar with contemporary and will fit into a wide variety of DJ’s sets. Dance floors: you have been warned!
1 Radio 911, 2 Hey

Bottin feat. Lavinia Claws – Y-A-M-L

One half of live tribal house duo Deardrums, also available on 2MR ‘YAML’ has a long history… nearly 10 years of it in fact! Bottin produced most of the instrumental almost a decade ago when he had a bedroom studio and his girlfriend at the time came up with the ‘You are my love’ (hence the title ‘YAML’) hook and the first notes of the melody. It’s a song about a somewhat destructive yet playful relationship: the girl is willingly submissive and mixes reality with her dreams – she portraits her lover as dominant while she’s in fact leading the game. Finally Bottin enlisted his friend Lavinia Claws who helped out with the final lyrics and recorded the vocals in Berlin. Lavinia will also be starring in the forthcoming music video of the song. The flipside of the record ‘Roulez Jeunesse’ is Bottin’s soundtrack to an imaginary amusement park. We don’t know the exact origin of the French saying Roulez Jeunesse but the person in charge to set you up and start the ride would yell ‘Roulez jeunesse!’ when everyone was locked in. The expression is now commonly used to mean that you’re all set to go, which seems fitting given the propulsive space disco vibe of the track.
1 YAML (extended vocal), 2 YAML (radio edit), 3 Roulez Jeunesse, 4 YAML (extended instrumental)

Various – Island Of Death OST

Here with a special collaboration with Glasgow’s infamous At War With False Noise, Giallo Disco and AWWFN are unbelievably proud to present, for the first time on vinyl ever, the elusive soundtrack to one of the most notorious, twisted and downright wrongest video nasties of all time: Island Of Death by director Nico Mastorakis. These ultra rare recordings of one Manson-meets-The-Wicker-Man babylonian folk and a “let’s cry a river” ballad were the perfect counterpoint for this sleaze masterwork regarding a sex and murder obsessed couple causing havoc on a Greek island. Do not sleep on this. You’d be a fool… in a lye pit.
1 Dakis – Destination Understanding, 2 Millie Karaki – Can You Call It Love