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Kareem Gantt

Top 10 best M.C. Hammer songs

Nobody could touch MC Hammer in the late-’80s/early ‘90s.
The Oakland rapper literally came out of nowhere and put his own personal stamp on pop music, both in music and fashion. MC Hammer really made some great music back in his heyday, and to give you an introduction of Hammer’s truly unique style…

The Motet promise musical mayhem on fall tour with Dopapod

The Motet is one of the few bands today that is keeping the funk alive.
In an age of uncertainty and fear, we need funk music more than ever. Funk was the sound that relaxed tensions in America in the ‘70s and also called out the social injustices that often plague us even today in their own ways…

DJ Kool Herc is the father of hip hop

Hip-hop would cease to exist today if it wasn’t for DJ Kool Herc doing his classic “Merry-Go-Round” on a hot, humid August evening in The Bronx.
There, at a block party on Sedgwick Avenue, hip-hop was born. Before Herc (born Clive Campbell on Apr. 16, 1955) brought this then-innovative sound to…

Poptone add fall tour dates

Poptone is in business, and many couldn’t be happier.
After spending some time apart, Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins have reunited to form a new band that will take the music world by storm. They formed Poptone with Haskins’ daughter, Diva, and now, we’re all about to find out of Ash and Haskins have…

YoungBoy Never Broke Again announces ‘A1 Youngboy’ tour

YoungBoy Never Broke Again has his life pledge in his name.
That’s pretty much the dream for everyone who has grown up on the rough side of town. The struggle, the despair, the pain, all of which equates to a life that is based on survival and a dream to rise above the struggle.
YoungBoy had a…

Gavin DeGraw announces part two of the Raw tour

Blue-eyed soul is a sub-genre that has been reborn under Gavin DeGraw.
In fact, you can make the argument that DeGraw is carrying blue-eyed soul for the past 12 years. In this day and age when everyone is searching to be the next great modern day R&B crooner, Degraw (b. Feb. 4, 1977) has brought…

Holy Funk: Earth, Wind & Fire found the right elements to dominate funk in the ’70s

You can’t have a discussion about the history of funk music and not include Earth, Wind & Fire.
Formed in 1970 by the late Maurice White, Earth, Wind & Fire would change the face of funk music. While they would incorporate all of the core elements of funk, EFW was more experimental than most…