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Jonathan Frahm

The Sounds of Ghosts – “Train to Nowhere” (audio) (premiere) (Mixed Media)

Blazing Americana inspired by a lust for adventure and an escape from the usual routine.

Late Night Episode – “Golden Age (Acoustic)” (video) (premiere) (Mixed Media)

A shimmering pop-rock anthem about keeping on the sunny side, recorded in the streets of NYC.

Dan Miraldi – ‘Love Under Fire’ (audio) (premiere) (Mixed Media)

Dan Miraldi offers up rock ‘n’ roll protest anthems made for the modern world.

Wanderwild – “Dreams” (audio) (premiere) (Mixed Media)

On “Dreams”, Wanderwild delivers rollicking, ethereal indie rock that was written in a single night.

Doralice – “Vespertina” (audio) (premiere) (Mixed Media)

Charming gypsy jazz with influences from Spain and the Balkans.

Howie Payne – “Some Believer, Sweet Dreamer” (audio) (premiere) (Mixed Media)

Slow-burning and seductive retro rock inspired by the greats.

Becca Richardson – “Wanted” (video) (premiere) (Mixed Media)

Becca Richardson’s new song is an ethereal dreamscape of electropop and blues that fades the lines between surrealism, symbolism, and what is real.