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Andy Jurik

Steven Mackey and Jason Treuting: Orpheus Unsung (Review)

A guitar and percussion-based wordless opera that details the tragic Greek myth, Mackey and Treuting construct an ambitious and accessible musical landscape.

Christian McBride Big Band: Bringin’ It (Review)

Far more than a vanity project, Bringin’ It is another milestone in the career in one of the most important working musicians today.

Ella Fitzgerald and the London Symphony Orchestra: Someone to Watch Over Me (Review)

Pairing her original vocal tracks with new arrangements from the London Symphony Orchestra, Ella’s “latest” release featurings some shining moments.

Quadro Nuevo and Cairo Steps: Flying Carpet (Review)

Two world music powerhouses unite influences and traditions for their first collaborative album.

Del Sol String Quartet: Dark Queen Mantra (Review)

Featuring a shining collaboration with Terry Riley, the Del Sol String Quartet have produced an excellent new music recording during their 25th year as an ensemble.

David Virelles: Gnosis (Review)

An ambitious work of modern composition, Gnosis is an astounding feat from a relatively young musician on today’s modern jazz front.

Nick Photinos: Petits Artéfacts (Review)

Photinos champions a wealth of intriguing contemporary composers with his collection of solo, chamber, and electroacoustic works.