Apollo collect rare highlights and new productions from the desk of Moscow's premier deep house producer. Disc 1 is drenched with the luscious 'Water', his rugged 'Road Trip Song' and the spectral original, 'Fade To What' from his Ethereal Sound releases; Disc 2 features 'Miles and More' from the C.O.M.E compilation on Fred P's Soul People Music label, plus the exclusive beatdown number 'Funky Man' on side A, backed with one of our favourite A. Zap cuts, 'Captain Storm' from his eponymous debut on Underground Quality circa 2008, and finally the beautiful ambient house patter of 'Miniature'.
1 Water, 2 Road Trip Song, 3 Fade To What?, 4 Funky Man, 5 Captain Storm, 6 Miles & More, 7 Miniature

from: http://clone.nl/new