Repeatle 027 (Euro LP) - € 12.00
"The ambient sounds on this record are fragments from our month-long stay in Japan during spring 2015: hundreds of Tokyo ravens in Yoyogi park, an old song found in an old man's small shop in Kyoto, the bird-like traffic signals in Naha, Okinawa, blending with the distorted voice of a man with a megaphone and a message... Back in Stockholm, these sounds became documentary elements in our music as well as sources for creating new sounds. The small, beautiful bowl we had brought home went to pieces, and the sonic character of the ceramic pieces turned into a delicate drone. Recorded in Japan and Sweden 2015-2016 by Elin Franzén and Andreas Tilliander. Side A contains a remixed version of »Iris (Familiar)« by Fourcolor featuring Moskitoo, published by 12k in 2011."

  1. A1
  2. B1