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June 4, 2018

Mental Illness Megathread

Couldn’t find one, so here goes! Warning: talk could become candid and triggering. Proceed at your own risk.

Got a mental illness? What’s it like? Are you okay right now? What drugs are you on?

I have bipolar disorder and it’s pretty awful. I’ve been hospitalized 11 times for suicidal problems and even though I made it through college my life is sort of a mess in general. On the plus side I get a bunch of shit done when manic! Any other bipolar kidz in this zone?

If you’re in an emotional or suicidal crisis, please call your regional emergency line (911 in the US, 999 in the UK) or your regional suicide hotline (800-273-8255 in the US).

ANT’LRD/BENOIT PIOULARD – Deck Amber (Sounds Et Al US) 2 x cassette

Title: Deck AmberArtist: ANT’LRD/BENOIT PIOULARDLabel: Sounds Et Al USFormat: 2 x cassetteTrack listing: – Corvid – Vacant – Constellate – Docene – Sonder – Ciety – Elan – Slow Dream – Solivagance

BAKER, Arthur feat ROCKERS REVENGE – On A Mission (Crosstown Rebels) double 12″

Title: On A MissionArtist: BAKER, Arthur feat ROCKERS REVENGELabel: Crosstown RebelsFormat: double 12″Track listing: On A Mission On A Mission (instrumental) On A Mission (FK 12″ mix) On A Mission (FK acappella) On A Mission (Michael Mayer remix) On A …

AYERS, Kevin – Joy Of A Toy (reissue) (4 Men With Beards US) limited gatefold coloured vinyl LP

Title: Joy Of A Toy (reissue)Artist: AYERS, KevinLabel: 4 Men With Beards USFormat: limited gatefold coloured vinyl LPTrack listing: Joy Of A Toy Continued Town Feeling The Clarietta Rag Girl On A Swing Song For Insane Times Stop This Train (Again Doin…

AME – Dream House (Innervisions Germany) gatefold 2xLP in spot-varnish sleeve

Title: Dream HouseArtist: AMELabel: Innervisions GermanyFormat: gatefold 2xLP in spot-varnish sleeveTrack listing: The Line (feat Matthew Herbert) Queen Of Toys Gerne (feat Gudrun Gut) Deadlocked (feat Roedelius) Blind Eye (feat Planningtorock) Positiv…

BAMBOUNOU – Parametr Perkusja (Diskant Germany) 12″ in screen-printed sleeve

Title: Parametr PerkusjaArtist: BAMBOUNOULabel: Diskant GermanyFormat: 12″ in screen-printed sleeveTrack listing: Dernier Metro Kosovo Hardcore VVVVV

BAPTISTE, Denys – The Late Trane (Edition) 180 gram vinyl LP

Title: The Late TraneArtist: BAPTISTE, DenysLabel: EditionFormat: 180 gram vinyl LPTrack listing: Dusk Dawn Ascent Neptune After The Rain Transition Vigil Peace Of Earth