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June 3, 2018

BAHA, Sami – Free For All (Planet Mu) CD

Title: Free For All
Artist: BAHA, Sami
Label: Planet Mu
Format: CD

Track listing:
MP3 Sample Cash Rain
MP3 Sample Discreet (feat Dimzy)
MP3 Sample Aliens
MP3 Sample Gambit
MP3 Sample Thugs (feat DJ Nate)
MP3 Sample Free For All
MP3 Sample NAH
MP3 Sample When The Sun’s Gone (feat Yung Lean)
MP3 Sample Path Riot
MP3 Sample Glory (feat Kufura)
MP3 Sample Ahl El M8na (feat Dawsha & Abanob)
MP3 Sample Limbo
MP3 Sample Cold Pursuit

AQUARIUM – Aquarium (Lumpy US) LP + insert in screen-printed sleeve

Title: AquariumArtist: AQUARIUMLabel: Lumpy USFormat: LP + insert in screen-printed sleeveTrack listing: Human Hex Spider Hospital Consumer Water Cow

BIG YOUTH – Instant Coma (Mafia/Dub Store Japan) 7″

Title: Instant ComaArtist: BIG YOUTHLabel: Mafia/Dub Store JapanFormat: 7″Track listing: Instant Coma Instant Coma 2

ANTI FLAG – American Attraction (A-F US) custom-shaped 10″ picture disc

Title: American AttractionArtist: ANTI FLAGLabel: A-F USFormat: custom-shaped 10″ picture discTrack listing: American Attraction Mr Motherfucker

BASSES TERRES/CRK/JONQUERA/LASTRACK/JEAN REDONDO – Only Promo Ma Poule (Brothers From Different Mothers France) 12″

Title: Only Promo Ma PouleArtist: BASSES TERRES/CRK/JONQUERA/LASTRACK/JEAN REDONDOLabel: Brothers From Different Mothers FranceFormat: 12″Track listing: – Iron House – Basse Music (No Jungle) – Findus – Axel Phif (part 2) – Gen

ANDERSON, John/ANGEL SOUND BROADWAY – Inner City Blues (Cannonball Italy) 7″ limited to 300 copies

Title: Inner City BluesArtist: ANDERSON, John/ANGEL SOUND BROADWAYLabel: Cannonball ItalyFormat: 7″ limited to 300 copiesTrack listing: – Inner City Blues – Inner City Blues (Acetate demo)

65D MAVERICKS – Notions Of Progress (Surface) 140 gram vinyl 12″

Title: Notions Of ProgressArtist: 65D MAVERICKSLabel: SurfaceFormat: 140 gram vinyl 12″Track listing: False Prophets Cosmic Drift You Lost Your Mind Immovable (dub)