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January 7, 2018

Mi Gente (Remix) – Dj Devil Dubai

Mi Gente (Remix) - Dj Devil Dubai submitted by /u/_Musical_Madness_
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Complete list of winners of the 75th Annual Golden Globes

All eyes were on Hollywood as the 75th annual Golden Globe Awards kicked off 2018 on Jan. 7. The award show was hosted by NBC’s own Seth Meyers, of the “Late Night with Seth Myers.”
The Golden Globes signaled the first major awards announcement of the season, on the heels of several smaller critic…

Yu – Recordings 1988 – Eulp – Vod 146yu3 – Vinyl On Demand

YU are Dwaine Woodliff, his brother David and Gaylon.
When the �punk ethic of do it yourself�-thing …

Lakewood Playhouse’s ‘American Idiot’ Pushes the Theater Envelope

<p>(Left to Right) Shannon Burch (St. Jimmy), Mark Alford (Johnny) and Dani Hobbs (Whatshername) from the Lakewood Playhouse Production of
” align=”left” border=”0″ />
“Oh, it’s the same 15 plays, repackaged every five years.”
“Where are the cutting edge shows that younger people will want to see?”
“How many times can you see “Oliver?”
Defenders and supporters of live community theater will recognize these statements and queries. On the heels of them comes the cry…

Dj Harlow – Cm19 – Eu12” – Cm19 – Not On Label

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Styx tour will include an intimate show at Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix

Classic rock hitmakers Styx will kick-off a three-month American tour in mid-January and they’ll be joined at various points in the tour by REO Speedwagon and former Eagles guitarist Don Felder. Accordingly, the band will be playing big venues like the Cajundome in Lafayette, LA, Verizon Arena in…

Albion – Mahatma Mambo – Eu12” – Mme 20002 – Macadam Mambo

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