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January 3, 2018

BENOIT B – Japonaiserie EP (Berceuse Heroique) heavyweight vinyl 12″

Title: Japonaiserie EP
Artist: BENOIT B
Label: Berceuse Heroique
Format: heavyweight vinyl 12″

Track listing:
MP3 Sample Tokyo Hi Life
MP3 Sample Compassion & Release
MP3 Sample Far Distant Star System
MP3 Sample 100 Echoes
MP3 Sample Les Pays Exterieurs
MP3 Sample Electric Town
MP3 Sample Wet Cellophane

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE/MOHICAN SUN – Ten Years Of Integral Album Sampler (Integral) 12″

Title: Ten Years Of Integral Album SamplerArtist: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE/MOHICAN SUNLabel: IntegralFormat: 12″Track listing: – 1000 Souls – Defiance

BIG BOLD BACK BONE – In Search Of The Emerging Species (Shhpuma Portugal) LP

Title: In Search Of The Emerging SpeciesArtist: BIG BOLD BACK BONELabel: Shhpuma PortugalFormat: LPTrack listing: Immerge (part 1) Immerge (part 2)

BEAMIC – Zwischen Tur & Angel (Vinyl Digital Germany) LP + insert

Title: Zwischen Tur & Angel
Artist: BEAMIC
Label: Vinyl Digital Germany
Format: LP + insert

Track listing:
MP3 Sample Frag Nach (intro)
MP3 Sample Neue Bude
MP3 Sample Pack Die Reisetasche
MP3 Sample Glasses
MP3 Sample Bigolo
MP3 Sample Summer Love
MP3 Sample One For Tize
MP3 Sample Run (feat Mirko Machine)
MP3 Sample Charl’s Bronx
MP3 Sample Last Day
MP3 Sample Roman’s World
MP3 Sample Nagg’Ngonner (feat Baga)

ALPHA & OMEGA – One By One (Steppas) LP

Title: One By One
Label: Steppas
Format: LP

Track listing:
MP3 Sample Poormans Style
MP3 Sample Walk Like A Warrior
MP3 Sample Rough & Tough
MP3 Sample Creation
MP3 Sample Love Rastafari
MP3 Sample Poormans Dub
MP3 Sample Dub Like A Warrior
MP3 Sample Tough Dub
MP3 Sample Dub Creation
MP3 Sample Love Dub

Khalid’s Roxy Tour to visit Infinite Energy Arena in May 2018

Khalid rose from the far West Texas outpost of El Paso and blossomed into one soulful rose of a musician.
In a lot of ways, Khalid is the epitome of the era of the “microwave pop star,” stars who seemed to have come out of nowhere to make it big. In reality, though, Khalid took the hard road on his…

New Years Day to unleash ‘Diary of a Creep’

New Years Day may have warned fans that they are in the middle of working on their fourth studio album, but it looks like the band is giving their followers a little something to hold them over until that new record is complete. On Wedne…