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October 22, 2017

The Real Housewives of Impending Matriarchy: Reality TV from a Feminist Perspective (Feature)

Crazy. Slutty. Bitchy. The overwhelming darkness lurking beneath The Real Housewives series’ shiny veneer begs the question: is being on air detrimental to women?

Jackie Shane: Any Other Way (Review)

Numero Group gathers assorted singles, live recordings and generous liner notes to provide a more complete picture of revolutionary transsexual soul singer Jackie Shane, in the process producing a minor masterpiece of overlooked soul.

Wu Tang: The Saga Continues (Review)

Mathematics sticks to the classic Wu-Tang aesthetic, beefing it up with modern techniques to create an enjoyably nostalgic experience, especially for old school fans.

Wolf Parade: Cry Cry Cry (Review)

Canadian quartet Wolf Parade returns with a proggy, synthy, arty, indie wake up call.

Kadavar: Rough Times (Review)

Berlin heavy rockers Kadavar stuck in the morass of heavy rock’s conventions.

So Much Light: Oh, Yuck (Review)

So Much Light veers toward the depressed and lonely end of the pop spectrum.

From Recession to Progression: An Interview with Process of Guilt (Feature)

Process of Guilt’s dogged DIY survival during harsh economic times in a country not particularly well-known on a global level for its metal is proof that if you continue to stubbornly follow your passion good things can happen.