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October 19, 2017

Studio Meddling Ensured That Most Never Saw the Best Version of ‘Daredevil’ (Feature)

In attempting to re-edit Daredevil to fit the Spider-Man mold, Fox turned a pretty decent film into a muddled mess.

Melvins Man Talks ‘A Walk with Love & Death’, New Solo Venture (Feature)

Dale Crover discusses the Melvins’ willingness to break their own mold and what he and Charlie Watts have in common.

Kllo: Backwater (Review)

Australian cousins deliver genre-fusing debut album of understated dancefloor euphoria, tinged with darker undertones of isolation and self reflection as the impact of their early successes are realised.

Turkey trots and Thanksgiving parades in Seattle 2017

Seattle comes alive with the spirit of Thanksgiving.
The Emerald City is a charming place to spend the day of the turkey, with neighborhoods bursting with laughter as families gather to celebrate each other, and turkey trots and parades filling the air with joy. If you’re searching for the perfect…

Coil: Time Machines (Review)

Dais Records reissues a relic of Coil’s discography with Time Machines, acting as the latest reminder of the brilliance of the experimental act and the forward thinking music they represented.

The Jazz Butcher: The Wasted Years (Review)

The first four, never-dull albums from Pat Fish’s priceless UK indie band, compiled.

Pat Dam Smyth: Goodbye Berlin EP (Review)

Pat Dam Smyth offers up more beautifully literate narratives on emotionally rich new EP.