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October 12, 2017

Listen: J Balvin gets ‘Fiesta’ started with new ‘Energía Lado B’ cut

Colombian superstar J Balvin released an expanded version of his album Energía on Oct. 6. The sole new track is the party-starter “Fiesta.”
Energía is the latest album by J Balvin that was released last year. It features hits like “Ginza,” “Bobo” and “Sigo Extrañándote.” He is currently riding high…

Filtered Through the Prism of David Bowie’s Quixotic Mind: ‘A New Career in a New Town’ (Feature)

The third installment of the series of deluxe David Bowie box sets covers some of his most celebrated albums but not without controversy.

Snails Announces Album, Drops Heater With Waka Flocka Flame

Came for the vomit, stayin’ for the waka.

Robert Plant: Carry Fire (Review)

The latest album from the voice of Led Zeppelin is another top-notch, adventurous collection of music that’s nearly impossible to classify.

The Church: Man Woman Life Death Infinity (Review)

With an album title that tries to cover everyone everywhere for all time, the Church’s latest just might please them all.

Game Theory and Marx: ‘Narcos’ as a Capitalist Parable (Feature)

Narcos depicts the narcotics industry as a form of capitalism run amok, an unending game motivating its central criminals.

Interview: Barry Bostwick talks ‘Rocky Horror’ and whether or not Brad Majors was an asshole

No matter what corner of the world Barry Bostwick finds himself in, people still call him an asshole. Every time he hears it, he’s honored.
“I’ve been called an asshole so long, I’m sort of insisting they call me His Assholiness,” Bostwick told AXS.com in a recent phone interview. “I have carried…