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October 11, 2017

Marc Almond: Shadows and Reflections (Review)

The maestro interpreter’s album of ’60s covers is tailor-made for him, but less deference and more daring could have made it better than it is.

Grieves: Running Wild (Review)

Rhymesayers isn’t known for putting out conventional hip-hop albums, and Running Wild doesn’t break that mold. But in this case, that’s not really a good thing.

Melkbelly: Nothing Valley (Review)

The Chicago band’s combustion engine runs on chaotic cohesion.

Pearl Reaves and Her Retro R&B: The Magical Obscurity of the Working Artist (Column)

A generically labeled 45rpm leads to unforeseen connections between an illegal squat, a ramshackle used record outlet, and an obscure R&B outfit that eventually lands at the Mount Olive Temple of Christ in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

Paul van Dyk Debuts His New Album at AEON in NYC [EVENT REVIEW]

Paul van Dyk’s new music isn’t the only thing that makes his new show a must see immersive experience.

Danish Producer Kölsch to Perform on Eiffel Tower

The performance will be streamed live on Youtube and Facebook!

The Gathering Festival Turns Out To Be An Absolute Dumpster Fire

When you pay to go to a festival, certain things are expected… a stage, artists, maybe some options for food and beverages, decent organization? Very few of these things were to be found at South Carolina festival The Gathering this past weekend. Created by a company calling itself EDM United Events, the festival promised headliners ATLiens

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