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October 10, 2017

(BIGROOM) Royal Brothers – HACKER

(BIGROOM) Royal Brothers - HACKER submitted by /u/alipzzzbiz
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Why, After All These Years, Are We Still Speaking in Sein Language? (Column)

Just like with hip-hop, Seinfeld has broadened our collective slang and everyday rhetorical wit.

Backtrack to Center: An Interview with Wild Cub’s Keegan DeWitt (Feature)

“We made the first [album] as a bunch of kids in a house, so we’re just really happy that we’ve gone through this process to make this big, emotionally and artistically dense record.”

Marilyn Manson: Heaven Upside Down (Review)

New album sees Manson attempt to reclaim his crown as nation’s favorite boogie man.

Snails Reveals Tracklist For Debut Album In Custom Language

Snails‘ debut album The Shell is coming. Having already debut the new stage design for his forthcoming tour, both of the same name, Snails has just shared the tracklist for the album, written in a strange language that we assume to be of his own creation (much like Madeon did for Adventure). The tracklist was quickly deciphered by

The post Snails Reveals Tracklist For Debut Album In Custom Language appeared first on Eat Sleep EDM.

The Residents: 80 Aching Orphans: 45 Years of the Residents (Review)

Right now we need some weird in our life. So, the release of a career spanning Residents box set is right on time.

Rising Artist Bearson Intrigues Us With His Curiosity, Ambition and Future Within the Music World [Interview]

Hot off his performance at CRSSD Festival, we caught up with the “One Step at a Time” producer.