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September 15, 2017

Loco Dice @ The Social Festival México. HD Mar2017

Loco Dice @ The Social Festival México. HD Mar2017 playing “Black Guys Really Love My Big Fat White Ass” – Dj T1000

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Dillon Francis Is Making A Spanish-Language EDM Album

In an interview with Billboard, Dillon Francis confirmed what many people had already been speculating for a while now: he’s making a Spanish-language EDM album. Much of the interview is a character feature, leading to the conclusion of why Dillon is the perfect representative to make a Spanish-language album, even given his own self-confessed whiteness. Why not

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DMX Krew – Abstract Forms Synth Funk Vol.4 – Sludge

DMX Krew returns for volume 4 of the popular Synth Funk series with another bumper pack of electro funk jams. Pure fire!!!.1 98 Groove, 2 Sea Chase, 3 Disk IO Error, 4 Wrong, 5 Polar Mambo, 6 Sludge Fudge

KGB – Detroit 909 (Cosmic Rhythm Vision)

NU Official versions of the Italian House classic Detroit 909, written and produced by Ivan Iacobucci in 1991.1 Detroit 909 (Rydm Sectors Mix), 2 Detroit 909 (Cosmic Garden Mix), 3 Detroit 909 (Rhythm Of Paradise Mix), 4 Detroit 909 (Loss Of Gravity Mix)

Rydm Sectors – Self Control

Italian Cosmic Rhythm continues to deliver future classics of house music.1 Do It, 2 Self Control, 3 Sensuality, 4 Reflections Of Life

Midori Takada & Masahiko Satoh – Lunar Cruise (350g Sleeve, Poster Inlay)

Beautiful 1 LP Edition with heavy 350g Sleeve, Poster Inlay with Liner Notes and Photo, includes CD with incl Bonus Tracks – 33 rpm LP mastercut by Emil Berliner – Midori Takada and Masahiko Satoh’s 1990 masterpiece LUNAR CRUISE LP available on vinyl for the first time ever, as well as on CD, sourced from the original studio masters, with all new liner notes. – Featuring Yellow Magic Orchestra’s Haruomi Hosono (bass) and Kazutoki Umezu (saxophone, clarinet). *** TERRITORY RESTRICTION – NO SALES TO JAPAN *** Following the successful reissue of Midori Takada’s Through The Looking Glass, WRWTFWW Records is delighted to announce another release from the legendary Japanese percussionist: 1990’s LUNAR CRUISE, her superb collaboration with jazz pianist, synth master, composer and arranger Masahiko Satoh. Arguably the best kept secret in Midori Takada’s fascinating discography, LUNAR CRUISE is an under the radar masterpiece that captures Takada (on marimba and minimal percussion set-up) and Satoh (on Korg M1 and Yamaha DX7II synths, Ensoniq EPS sampler, and acoustic piano) vibrantly fusing traditional African and Asian percussion with jazz, ambient, and minimalism. The album also features the great Haruomi Hosono (Yellow Magic Orchestra, Happy End…) and Kazutoki Umezu. LUNAR CRUISE is available in two versions: a first-time-ever vinyl LP cut at Emil Berliner Studios, housed in a 350g sleeve and including a bonus CD of the album with 2 extra tracks, and a standalone digipak CD version. Both versions are sourced from the original studio masters (DATs) and come with new liner notes. Tracklisting Vinyl LP A1 Nahm A2 Ancient Palace A3 A Vanished Illusion A4 Jyomuran A5 Monody B1 In “D†B2 Madorone B3 Chang-Dra B4 Lunar Cruise Tracklisting CD 01 Iron Paradise 02 Nahm 03 Ancient Palace 04 A Vanished Illusion 05 Jyomuran 06 Monody 07 In †D †08 Madorone 09 Chang-Dra 10 Lunar Cruise 11 Iron Paradise (Extended Tokyo Mix)
1 Nahm, 2 Ancient Palace, 3 A Vanished Illusion, 4 Jyomuran, 5 Monody, 6 In ‘D’, 7 Madorone, 8 Chang-Dra, 9 Lunar Cruise

Adam Feingold – Rapcha

Adam Feingold aka Ex-Terrestrial, finds himself providing a hit single along with two remixes on the flip from Project Pablo & Diji himself.
1 Rapcha, 2 Rapcha (PP’s Freq Mix), 3 Rapcha (Diji’s Jewmanji Mix)