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September 5, 2017

Lilly Hiatt: Trinity Lane (Review)

She writes and sings in the first person about addictions, bad love and such in a voice scarred and innocent like a sinner reborn. Hallelujah!

Avey Tare: Eucalyptus (Review)

Recalling Syd Barrett, the record continues here and there with intentionally poor pacing and a wacky progression.

Official trailer for ‘Black Sabbath: The End of The End’ out now

The end is officially here for heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath. After wrapping “The End” tour in their native Birmingham last February, the iconic band is now taking the emotional final tour to the silver screen. As Ozzy Osbourne and …

Adam Kolker: Beckon (Review)

A mature and quiet record featuring jazz trio (sax, guitar, drums) and woodwind trio, this is a floating, whispering joy.

Ever Wish You Could Go into a Parallel World? Todd Tucker on ‘The Terror of Hallow’s Eve’ (Feature)

For those who have been bullied, revenge fantasy The Terror of Hallow’s Eve may prove cathartic.

The 5 best moments at Phish Dick’s 2017

At this point–with the seventh installment in the books–there’s absolutely no doubt that Phish’s annual tour closing run at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park near Denver, Colorado has been one of the greatest runs in Phish history and possibly the greatest run of the 3.0 era. That was until a little…

Origin release music video for ‘Infinitesimal To The Infinite’

The last time Kansas death metal band Origin released an official music video was 2008’s “Finite” from their fourth studio album Antithesis. Nearly 10 years later, the band decided to create another visual to promote their new studio album Unparalleled Universe, which peaked at number three on the…