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September 3, 2017

CROSBY, David/JERRY GARCIA/PHIL LESH/MICKEY HART – Live At The Matrix December 1970 (Live On Vinyl) 180 gram vinyl LP + insert

Title: Live At The Matrix December 1970Artist: CROSBY, David/JERRY GARCIA/PHIL LESH/MICKEY HARTLabel: Live On VinylFormat: 180 gram vinyl LP + insertTrack listing: Drop Down Mama Cowboy Movie Triad The Wall Song Bertha Deep Elem Blues Motherless Childr…

BODIN/JACOB/MARTYNE – Gesandt EP (Traffic) 12″

Title: Gesandt EPArtist: BODIN/JACOB/MARTYNELabel: TrafficFormat: 12″Track listing: – Wysam – Temple Of Kirby – Gesandt Sandt – Slowdawn

COMMON – Live At The Jazz Room (Let Them Eat Vinyl) 2xLP

Title: Live At The Jazz Room
Artist: COMMON
Label: Let Them Eat Vinyl
Format: 2xLP

Track listing:
MP3 Sample Be
MP3 Sample Real People
MP3 Sample Band & DJ Introductions
MP3 Sample Nag Champa
MP3 Sample Diggin’ In The Crates (interlude)
MP3 Sample The Invocation
MP3 Sample Go
MP3 Sample Faithful
MP3 Sample Bogus Women (interlude)
MP3 Sample Testify
MP3 Sample Phone Call (interlude)
MP3 Sample Respiration
MP3 Sample Get ‘Em High
MP3 Sample Thelonious
MP3 Sample Funky For You
MP3 Sample Slow Jams (interlude)
MP3 Sample Come Close
MP3 Sample Freestyle
MP3 Sample Love Is (Prelude)
MP3 Sample Love Is
MP3 Sample Music Is About Love (interlude)
MP3 Sample They Say
MP3 Sample I Used To Love H.E.R.
MP3 Sample Medley
MP3 Sample Foundations Of Hip Hop & The DJ
MP3 Sample DJ Dummy Scratch Set
MP3 Sample Band Shout Outs & Freestyle
MP3 Sample The Light

BLACKHALL & BOOKLESS/CHAD – Exploration EP (Battle Rework, Bleak Remix, ASOK Remix) (Jaunt) 140 gram vinyl 12″

Title: Exploration EP (Battle Rework, Bleak Remix, ASOK Remix)
Label: Jaunt
Format: 140 gram vinyl 12″

Track listing:
MP3 Sample – Links (Battle rework)
MP3 Sample – Links (Bleak remix)
MP3 Sample – Afters
MP3 Sample – Afters (ASOK remix)

CEDAR SOUND WORKSHOP – This Sound (Dailysession US) 12″

Title: This SoundArtist: CEDAR SOUND WORKSHOPLabel: Dailysession USFormat: 12″Track listing: This Sound (feat E-Man) Sparks (feat Bonita Oliver) You Make Me Happy (Monchan extended edit) Let It Play (Monchan instrumental mix)

BEASTIE RESPOND – Information City (Foul-Up) LP

Title: Information City
Label: Foul-Up
Format: LP
Monday Shipping

Track listing:
MP3 Sample Real Without Origin
MP3 Sample Lullabies For The Lost & Forgotten
MP3 Sample We Never Truly Understood The Architecture
MP3 Sample They Mobilized Ignorance & Slack
MP3 Sample Enter 89
MP3 Sample He Used His Bench Lathe To Form His Wooden Sculpture
MP3 Sample Information City
MP3 Sample A Good Wisdom
MP3 Sample Downloaded 4 R D4Wkins
MP3 Sample The Truth Hides The Fact That There Is None
MP3 Sample Never-present

BURTON, Lee – And Nothing But The Tooth EP (Raum Musik Germany) 12″

Title: And Nothing But The Tooth EPArtist: BURTON, LeeLabel: Raum Musik GermanyFormat: 12″Track listing: Pattern A36 And Nothing But The Tooth