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August 13, 2017

Deadmau5 Took the Weekend off for a Very Special Event

Are those wedding bells we hear?

The Electronic Music Community Reacts to the Alt-Right Protests in Charlottesville

It’s been an emotional weekend.

Artists Breaking the Performance Mold – Tipper’s Unreal Visual Experience

In this series, we discuss artists in electronic music who are changing the way we define ‘live’ music.

BoomTown Fair Delays Gate Opening Due To Poor On-Site Conditions Causing Distress To Revellers

The Music and Arts Festival happening in Winchester, England called “BoomTown Fair” is very popular to people with almost 60,000 revelers every its occasion. This year, technical problems and poor weather conditions have caused extreme inconveniences t…

Kendrick Lamar Stirs Away From Swift-Perry Rift After Knowing Who ‘Bad Blood’ Song Meant For

The hit single ‘Bad Blood’ from Taylor Swift’s album “1989” may have meant for someone in the music industry. But when Kendrick Lamar knew who it was for, the rapper avoided the topic knowing it is a serious matter.

James Wan Adds ‘Aquaman’ To His Great Creations Despite Hardships Of Shooting Underwater

‘Aquaman’ starring Jason Momoa will be another DC Extended Universe movie which will be shown December next year. As the shooting is underway, director James Wan gives an update on how difficult it is to work with water almost all the time.

ARNOCORPS – The Fantastic (Alternative Tentacles US) LP + MP3 download code

Title: The FantasticArtist: ARNOCORPSLabel: Alternative Tentacles USFormat: LP + MP3 download codeTrack listing: Fantastic Intro Crom (Strong On His Mountain) Conan The Destroyer King Conan (Crown Of Iron) Tree Of Woe Hercules Red Sonja Exactly