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August 8, 2017

Rough Trade NYC to host Aussie rapper Allday

Rough Trade NYC will host hip-hop artist Tom Gaynor, better known by his stage name Allday, on Wednesday, Aug. 9. The  Los Angeles-based (via Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) rapper will be joined by special guest Blood Cultures for the 9 p.m. performance.
Allday is on the road promoting his highly…

MRYGLD talks Birmingham, self-titled debut EP, and being new on the music scene

New band MRYGLD have recently released a quirky and fun new music video for their single “Cool Kids,” from their upcoming self-titled debut EP. A follow-up full-length record is soon to follow. MRYGLD are an enthusiastic band who are beg…

Gavin DeGraw announces part two of the Raw tour

Blue-eyed soul is a sub-genre that has been reborn under Gavin DeGraw.
In fact, you can make the argument that DeGraw is carrying blue-eyed soul for the past 12 years. In this day and age when everyone is searching to be the next great modern day R&B crooner, Degraw (b. Feb. 4, 1977) has brought…

Randy Newman and the Magic of the Unreliable Narrator (Feature)

After 45 years, Randy Newman’s Sail Away remains one of the most beautiful, difficult, evocative testimonies to lust, desire, and America’s collective racist past.

Pieces of Human Stories Create the Total Mosaic That Is ‘Fractured Lands’ (Review)

Scott Anderson’s Fractured Lands is not only one of the most accessible and synthetic account of events in the Middle East, it’s also among the most powerful.

Blancmange: Happy Families / Mange Tout / Believe You Me (Review)

Blancmange seemed cut out to be the perfect ’80s synthpop duo. So why didn’t it quite turn out that way? This set of deluxe reissues helps explain.

Various Artists: Invenciones: La Otra Vanguardia Música en Latinoamérica 1976 – 1988 (Review)

Spanish label Munster unearths a wealth of unjustly neglected avant-garde and experimental music from Latin America.