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August 6, 2017

Spirit Music: A Conversation With Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore (Feature)

Thurston Moore talks with PopMatters about age, experience, musical partnerships, and new album Rock n Roll Consciousness.

Soccer Mommy: Collection (Review)

One of the strongest young songwriters, Soccer Mommy’s Sophie Allison, proves on Collection that her early releases stand the test of time versus new offerings and that the latter hasn’t lost the vital factor that made her an artist to watch in the …

The Fall: New Facts Emerge (Review)

This type of moody Fall finds favor with longtime fans, but it may put off a newcomer expecting pop ditties, memorable chords, and bouncier melodies.

Monoswezi: A Je (Review)

Multicultural Monoswezi brings together acoustic sounds from four continents on gentle, jazzy A Je.

Lost Chords, Major Chords, Minor Chords, Dissonant Counter-melodies: ‘Dreaming the Beatles’ (Column)

This biography of the Beatles illustrates how their personality dynamics served as both a necessary elixir and an addictive poison in the creation of their music.

Soundcloud Finds Investors in Effort to Help Save the Platform

Soundcloud isn’t going anywhere.

Wanda Stafford – Happy Sunday – Uk7′ – Jtr 5020 – Tramp

from: http://www.rushhour.nl/