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June 18, 2017

I’ll Fight for Your Life: An Interview with the Drums (Feature)

He seemed to lose a band member with each passing album, and then a big breakup made him rethink things. Jonny Pierce turned all of that into an album some are calling The Drums’ best.

‘The Girl at the Baggage Claim’: Culture, Context, and the Self in East and West (Review)

Gish Jen’s study of independence and interdependence brings polarized ideas of the self into conversation with one another.

UMFANG: Symbolic Use of Light (Review)

UMFANG has created a thrillingly live and raw techno album with the emphasis placed on capturing the moment.

Life in the Time of Outrage: We’ve Drawn So Many Lines in the Sand That We’ve Eroded the Beach (Column)

The ad hominem argument, traditionally considered a logical fallacy, has gained a cultural acceptance and a widespread tacit approval that boggles the mind.

GREY \\ WATER – Jimmy

良いきっかけを生みそうな曲だね! カナダ/トロント出身のインディーポップバンド GREY \\ WATERが、6/9にリリースしたニューシングル ‘Jimmy’を公開! GREY \\ WATERは、Charlotte […] (in post カナダのインディーポップバンド GREY \\ WATER、とっておきの新曲 ‘Jimmy’を公開 from Niche Music. More by this artist at )

Gimmer Nicholson – Hermetic Waltz

Gimmer Nicholson released his only album, Christopher Idyll, in 1968. He was a Memphis guitar player who had been inspired by John Fahey, something you can hear in the deft fingerwork on Hermetic Waltz. There’s none of the… (in post Gimmer Nicho…

L C A W – Nobody Else But You

Just a few weeks ago, German producer LCAW joined our weekly HUMP DAY MIX series with a very awesome selection of some of his recent favourite tunes, and he’s coming back to us this week with a brand… (in post LCAW – ‘Nobody Else But You’ from acid stag. More by this artist at )