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June 16, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn to introduce Run The Jewels at Glasto

Picture this: it’s Saturday afternoon in Glastonbury the sun is out (fingers crossed) and you’re about to see the most important rap act since Rage Against The Machine being introduced by Britain’s best hope of a socialist Prime Minister. Sounds good,…

Charles.A.D – A1. Hot Sea

Zone out to some dreamy, warped lo-fi deep house from Hiroyuki Tanaka, aka Charles.A.D, taken from his super limited new 熱い海 (Hot Sea) cassette, out now on Dream Raw. Warm and fuzzy hypnagogic vibes for balmy summer evenings:… (in post Charles.A.D – Hot Sea from Gorilla Vs. Bear. More by this artist at )

Ryan Daniel Tafolla – Brain

The US alt-rock creator Ryan Daniel Tafolla released the LP Songs From Hollywood yesterday. An eight track, roughly twenty six minutes, album (available on bandcamp) that reflects on bitter-sweet moments in life, though, despite the angst strewn countenan (in post Ryan Daniel Tafolla – Brain – Audio from Emerging Indie Bands. More by this artist at )

Ferocity Kills – Violent Starlight

Synthpop/darkwave act Ferocity Kills has released the first and title track off their upcoming EP Violent Starlight. The EP is due to release on July 7th next month and tells the story of, as Ferocity Kills herself put,… (in post News: Ferocity …

Talus – Rane Latch

Summer is chaos but these sound waves will bring peace. Information and sensation overload but this song gives pause. It’s good to be ambitious, it’s good to be everywhere, it’s good to never stop. It’s good to stop.… (in post Talus | Rane Latch from Blue Bardot. More by this artist at )

Young Ejecta – Build A Fire

Young Ejecta, the electronic pop project of Leanne Macomber (Fight Bite, Neon Indian) and Joel Ford (Autre Ne Veut, Oneohtrix Point Never, Ford & Lopatin) has been absent from the new music world since the release of their… (in post YOUNG EJECTA RETURNS WITH NEW SINGLE from Indie30. More by this artist at )

Kiyohiko Senba And His Haniwa All Stars – Geisha Girls In Sea Breeze

Utterly confounding avant nonsense from this band, who would perform dressed in pyjamas and nurses’ uniforms. Quite a sight considering there were as many as 40 of them at any one time. Geisha Girls In Sea Breeze comes… (in post Kiyohiko Senba A…