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June 6, 2017

Jazz, Cocktails, and the Overlooked Players of Film Noir (Column)

A noir protagonist usually finds himself encountering a new danger around each corner. A jazz musician, in venturing into the throes of an intricate composition, must also anticipate the unknown.

Jacques Demy’s ‘The Young Girls of Rochefort’ Is Awash With Color — and Influence (Review)

How much did La La Land draw from the distinctive look, music, and atmosphere of this 1967 French classic?

Omar Souleyman: To Syria, With Love (Review)

Omar Souleyman’s latest collection of Syrian synthpop pays ecstatic tribute to his long-lost homeland.

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and the Continuing High Cost of Fashion (Column)

The poor workplace conditions that led to this tragedy have been outsourced to places like Bangladesh, where similar factory tragedies happened as recently as 2013.

Halsey: Hopeless Fountain Kingdom (Review)

Halsey has, for the most part, abandoned the specificity that was key to her lyrical successes on Badlands.

Michael Nau: Some Twist (Review)

The man behind Page France and Cotton Jones takes a somnambulant approach to his latest collection of sleepy, understated bedroom pop. *Warning: do not listen to while operating heavy machinery.

TCOR feat. Daniel Son – Currency From Belgium

(in post The Custodian Of Records – Currency From Belgium ft. Daniel Son from GRANDGOOD. More by this artist at )