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April 18, 2017

Alanna Eileen – Knowledge

Sometimes it’s hard to see beyond the sexy world of rock and roll, the Instagram antics and the shock tactics. But then it’s also worth… Happy Media http://hhhhappy.com (in post PREMIERE: Knowledge by Alanna Eileen is the heartfelt break you’ve been waiting your whole life for from Happy. More by this artist at )

Project Pablo – Risk the Rip

カナダ/モントリオール拠点のプロデューサー Project Pabloが、Let’s Play Houseからリリースする『Risk the Rip』よりタイトル曲を公開! 次から次へと旅するようにクールなレーベルだけを […] (in post お次は Let’s Play House!Project Pabloが新曲 ‘Risk the Rip’を公開 from Niche Music. More by this artist at )

Car Seat Headrest – Vincent

Fresh off Coachella Weekend 1, Car Seat Headrest powered through a fantastic set that traversed originals and some inspired cover tunes at DTLA’s Regent Theater. (in post Car Seat Headrest – The Regent Theater; Los Angeles, CA from Swan Fungus. More by this artist at )

shallou – Begin (feat. Wales)

I am a sucker for all the dreamy electro-pop, and this young artist out of Chicago is kinda making my day! Shallou released his latest single “Begin ft. Wales” last week, and thankfully I came across it today… (in post SHALLOU – BEGIN FT. WALES …

Dokaka – 21st Century Schizoid Man

Typically, one of the things you do when you fall in love with a piece of music is that you start to sing along with it. You’ll have favourite parts: a drum fill here, a keyboard crash there… (in post Dokaka – 21st Century Schizoid Man from Dokl…

Christina Cavazos – Closer

Later this week I’m headed to Austin for the 30th edition of Old Settler’s Music Festival. In addition to the normal, stellar list of established and up-and-coming acts, there will be a hidden gem late morning on Saturday,… (in post Future Twangville Residents from Twangville. More by this artist at )

LLLL – Visions of the Sacred Heart

LLLLによるリミックス、Infinity Shred「Choir VI (LLLL Remix)」が公開された。 Infinity Shredは、ニューヨークを拠点とするバンド。昨年10月に最新アルバム『Long Distance』をリリースしており、「Choir VI」は、同作に収録されている。 〈ZOOM LENS〉より、バンドのリミックス・アルバム『Even Further』が2017年5月9日にリリースを予定しており、今回のLLLLによるリミックスが、そのファースト・シングルとなっている。 In (in post 〈ZOOM LENS〉より、LLLLがInfinity Shred「Choir VI」をリミックス from UNCANNY. More by this artist at )