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April 18, 2017

Workhorse – A3 Defeat

Workhorse is a new project comprised of various musicians from Adelaide, Australia. Members of bands like Wireheads, Fair Maiden, Rule The post Workhorse – “Defeat” appeared first on Cereal + Sounds. (in post Workhorse – “Defeat” from Cereal + Sounds. More by this artist at )

The Creak – Get Lost

If nothing else, the Creak always wins points for presentation, as can be seen in the record they sent me. If that doesn’t explain the Creak to you, then perhaps an album will. The Creak’s quirky sense of… (in post The Creak — You Have Eyes fro…

DAVE B – Dive

“Dive” artwork courtesy of Dave B. Dave B, one of the finest rappers to come out of the Seattle area, has just released a new track on his SoundCloud page. The song is called “Dive,” and it was… (in post Dave B’s Flow is Water on His New Song “Dive” from Okayplayer. More by this artist at )

Tate – Future

Guy Furrow (Bass), Ethan Tate (Vocals), Thuarakan Anura (Keys) and Huw Thomas (Guitar) form the atmospheric-indie band Tate from London in England. With only a couple of songs to hear, both of which offer quite different ideas, there… (in post T…

GD022 – Unit Black Flight – Evocations EP

Vuelve el singular y misterioso productor estadounidense Unit Black Flight, después de más de cuatro años desde su último Tracks from the Trailer (2012), cuyos cortes fueron tan pinchados como desconocidos para la gran mayoría. Evocations es el… (in post Unit Black Flight – Evocations [Giallo Disco Records] (2017) from COMO LAS GRECAS. More by this artist at )

Rebel Yell – High Authority

Catching a Rebel Yell show in person is an enlivening experience. A solitary figure (that figure being Brisbane’s Grace Stevenson) stands alone on a stage (or a floor, or any space), offering discombobulated mantras while synthetic instruments crank… (in post Listen: REBEL YELL – ‘HIGH AUTHORITY’ from Weirdo Wasteland. More by this artist at )

beef fantasy – パンティーストッキング

Some times, Beef Fantasy shows off his dazzling songwriting skills on songs about train lines, or virtual beaches. This time…a seemingly simple, borderline jokey number called “Panty Stocking,” which finds the artist repeating the titular phrase through h (in post New Beef Fantasy: “Panty Stocking” from Make Believe Melodies. More by this artist at )