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April 17, 2017

Millicent Waffles – Adeleine

Sestina by Count to Altek Count to Altek – Sestina (2017 Self-Released) Something’s brewing.  In the percolator with your ritual Folgers. In the creek bed, stirring up the caked moss. In the (in post Review: Count to Altek – “Sestina” from Half-Gifts. More by this artist at )

The Situations – King David

South Auckland rock ‘n’ rollers The Situations have dug up a couple of previously unreleased tunes and popped them up on Bandcamp for our listening pleasure. Last we heard from The Situations was when they shared…. (in post The Situations Unearth Kil…

Four 20 – Prod. By Lo Beatz

Easter Sunday might have been yesterday, but the week’s festivities have yet to conclude. This Thursday, you can chalk every empty seat in your Communications 101 class to the smokey holiday of 4/20. Three days early, we might… (in post Mike Melinoe Celebrates “Four 20” A Few Days Early this Year from True Too. More by this artist at )

Odd Promise – Tempers & Typewriters (Acoustic Version)

Words: Mike Colletti Lately I’ve been contemplating on better ways to help promote the amazing talent within Ohio. With the encouragement from friends, I took to my notepad and started brainstorming who would be my first entry. It… (in post Introducing Odd Promise from Tuned Up. More by this artist at )


ロシア/カリーニングラード出身のエレクトロニックデュオ Hiriseが、4曲入りのEP『Closer To Code』をINTERNETGHETTOからname your priceで発表! 様々なビートパターンを大仰な […] (in post [NYP] ロシア産ブロークンビーツ!HiriseがEP『Closer To Code』を発表 from Niche Music. More by this artist at )

sfr-hardcore – Trigger Time

トラック1のざっくりしたエコー、激シブ! ドイツ出身のストレート・エッジ/ハードコアパンクバンド Total Realityが、6曲入りの『Trigger Time Demo』をname your priceで発表! 元 […] (in post [NYP] ドイツのハードコアパンクバンド Total Reality、『Trigger Time Demo』を発表 from Niche Music. More by this artist at )

Q.G. – Stranger (Original Mix)

Quentin Gauthier, the man behind a number of aggressive releases on Trash Family Records and Dga Fäu Records, is back in action. Known as Q.G. to many, the Parisian producer just recently launched new single, Stranger, and it’s… (in post Q.G. Drops Animated Single, “Stranger” from The French Shuffle. More by this artist at )