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April 17, 2017

Max Richter on How Music Helps Him Understand the World (Feature)

“I love the ballet because it’s a language which I’m not a native speaker of. I admire and love watching ballet, but I’m not a dancer, so for me it has a magical quality.”

‘Anatahan’: A Bunch of Drones and “The Only Woman on Earth” (Review)

This film is a pure distillation of the lush, destructive jungle of desire.

Istanbul: From Emperors to Street Vendors (Column)

Historian Thomas F. Madden’s Istanbul leaves one with a sense of awe for how much of the human experience is on display in this one city, in this part of the world.

Ron Sexsmith: The Last Rider (Review)

Sexsmith pens songs that are smart without being smarmy, clever without being cynical, and earnest without being shallow.

Texas: Jump on Board (Review)

Texas strike some interesting new shapes, but don’t stray too far from their comfort zone and therein lies the problem.

Eleven Madison Park vs Alinea: The Ultimate Restaurant Grudge Match (Column)

On the comparative merits of Eleven Madison Park versus Alinea, on the occasion of Eleven Madison Park being named the best restaurant in the world.

outlines – groove 3.1

The latest in Polish label Outlines’ groove series — previously highlighting DJ Fulltono and CRZKNY — zooms in on Skip Club Orchestra, another long-running figure in Japan’s juke scene. The two grooves here allow an artist who mostly… (in post New Skip Club Orchestra: Groove 3 from Make Believe Melodies. More by this artist at )