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April 16, 2017

Can We Say the F Word Yet? On Fascism and Humor (Column)

In light of the decrees and executive orders signed thus far by Donald Trump, we might reasonably ask: is fascism relevant to America’s current political state?

Listen to Your Own Heartbeat: Katell Quillévéré’s ‘Heal the Living’ (Review)

The film traces loss and what comes after, the process of acceding to pain and encountering fears and anguish, and the implacable order of hospitals.

Authenticity and Unbroken Chains in Rick Massimo’s ‘I Got a Song’ (Column)

This book is about true believers who kept the torch burning for “authenticity” in folk music at any cost; even if it meant cultural appropriation and commercial compromising.

Joe Goddard: Electric Lines (Review)

Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard takes a solo turn with Electric Lines.

It Takes a Village to Put a Man on the Moon: An Interview With the Creator’s of ‘Mission Control’ (Feature)

Director David Fairhead and Executive Producer Keith Haviland of Mission Control marvel at the men behind the first man on the moon.

Youthmemory – Neo Tokyo

It’s always nice to see an indie-pop outfit lean towards something slightly darker. Youthmemory, whose name should tip you off to how they’ve sounded in the past, inch towards the shadows on Neo Tokyo. Similar to how Moscow… (in post New Youthmemory: Neo Tokyo from Make Believe Melodies. More by this artist at )

Citrus City Records – Cave

バージニア州リッチモンド出身のオルタナティヴロックバンド Fat Spiritが、ニューアルバム『Nihilist Blues』をname your priceで発表! Pixiesほど分かりやすい有り難みがない(いやも […] (in post [NYP] 90’sオルタナ度高し!米インディーバンド Fat Spirit、新作『Nihilist Blues』を発表 from Niche Music. More by this artist at )